How Laravel can help your business.

We're fans of Laravel, the open-source PHP framework. It's a great way to begin a project and offers a solid platform to create a wide array of solutions.

Why Laravel?

Built with PHP

When your needs outgrow a simple website the chances are you’ll want to move towards an online application. The popularity of PHP and it’s ability to handle complex application structures in a variety of ways can make it a great choice for a new project. With adapters out-of-the-box for a wide range of storage mechanisms and databases PHP allows for flexibility in building the right maintanable & extensible software stack for you.

Open Source

Laravel is an open source framework, which means it has a transparent development cycle and community-reviewed code downloaded over eighteen million times making it some of the best battle-tested modern object-oriented PHP to build an application with.

Covered by the permissive MIT license, Laravel is perfect for applications that may grow in scope beyond the provided features of the framework. It can be extended or modified without incurring licensing costs or the requirement to reveal source code, in contrast to other common open source licenses.


Perfect for a wide array of use-cases it can deliver full-rendered html, be used to build JSON APIs or a hybrid approach commonly used in feature-rich web applications. We can suggest an appropriate architecture to fit your needs.

The net effect of all these positives is that working with us will save you time and money, while still delivering the quality you demand for your business.

Why Foundry?

As Laravel developers we’ve built: microservices, data translation layers, full-stack social web applications, single-page apps using Angular and React JavaScript frameworks backed by REST APIs and more.

Using up-to-date process and agile methodologies, we can plan, estimate and build your project without compromising on your vision or introducing unnecessary delays. Contact us to find out more about how we can provide solutions for your business or help to realise, design, and build your start-up idea.

If you think Laravel is the right choice for you, or you have an existing Laravel site in need of some TLC, get in touch by calling 01208 73100 or email