Translating your website to appeal to a worldwide marketplace

Translate your website

Parlez vous Français? Spraken zie Deutch? Non? Nein? No? Well, your clients might!For any business that has opened itself up to worldwide trade, there will come a time when you will be faced with a language you can’t make head nor tail of. The same is true for your customers. What will they do if translation isn’t available? Simple – click on to the next website that is!

Translating websites into other languages can be an invaluable tool, allowing you to simplify your business for foreign visitors while enabling them to gain insight into your content – all without them needing the services of a professional translator.
If you want to capture a large and truly international audience, then you must translate your website into foreign languages. Considering how over 65 percent of the world’s population don’t speak English, having a website that can be read in multiple languages is crucial if you want to have truly worldwide traffic. As well as this, offering your content in a multitude of languages instantly sets you apart from the competition.
You’ll love it, your clients will love it – it’s a win-win.

In general, there are three options when it comes to translating websites (and any emails you may get from interested foreign parties!) and these are: machine translation, a contract translator and crowd-sourced translation.

Machine translation is free, but it is sadly not reliable. Google Translate and Microsoft’s Bing Translator offer reasonable attempts in the form of widgets, which you can embed into your site allowing foreign visitors to translate content quickly. However, in many cases your translated website will read as though you typed it up late one night after a few too many. Also, it won’t translate your website automatically, only on the request of the user. Although this may not seem like a big deal, this means that your website’s rankings won’t be boosted in a foreign language, as according to the search engines, your website appears only in English.

In order for your website to be truly accessible, you need to ensure that the foreign language versions of your website are available all the time, automatically. In order to accomplish this, as well as ensure accuracy of the translation, you will need a contract translator. However, the downsides of this are clear in terms of both price and speed. Contract translators usually charge by the word, and as they will probably have many translation projects on the go at once, you will be waiting a few weeks until your website is fully translated.

So, what’s the alternative? Something many businesses have turned to instead is a company that can offer the translation services they need – a company like us! All you need to do is contact us about the translation services you require, and we’ll sort the rest. If you need your website translated into a multitude of languages this can be a great option, allowing emails and chat communications to be translated faster and at a lower price than a lone contract translator. Simply get in touch with us, and our translators get to work instantly. Job done!
We can work it so your customer emails are translated for you as they come in. In the same way, your outgoing messages can be automatically translated to the language of the customer. Pretty cool, eh?

We’re based in sunny Cornwall, perfect for hotel websites, tourist attractions, self-catering websites and any other website that may require our translation services. We translate any language, not just European, so you really will have the world on your doorstep.

Overall, you have to decide which option works best for you and is most cost-effective. However, denying yourself and your business access to the worldwide market due to language barriers is the least cost-effective route you could take.