ICE Card

In case of emergency - a way to identify your medical needs in an emergency situation

Foundry designed and built this site to produce In Case of Emergency cards, a solution to a problem close to our hearts

An “In Case of Emergency”, or ICE, card is used to provide medical and emergency contact information in the event of an incident resulting in unconsciousness or incapacitation to allow emergency services to identify and treat you with knowledge of any existing conditions or allergies you may suffer from.

We’re keen sportsmen at Foundry. Between triathlon, cycling, weightlifting and sailing we engage in activities that can leave you stranded a long way from safety in an emergency situation.

The homepage design featuring cyclists on Dartmoor

A small featureset was specified for the initial version. Featuring a live-edit user interface so that a customer can see how their card will look in real time and a simple checkout process for ordering.

We took particular focus on the user journey.

  1. How will we onboard them using the design and content of our homepage?
  2. How is the user experience when creating the card through the website?
  3. How will the customer complete their purchase?
  4. How will we display orders and fulfil them?

Live preview of your ICE card using JavaScript

The site features a clean design to focus on the card itself. We used Laravel to build out the application, with Stripe for payment processing and order confirmation.

Being able to build the application on top of a popular web framework allowed us to iterate quickly as the project took shape.

Stripe’s drop-in payment processing options allowed us to integrate billing into our app with the potential to build a more integrated user flow in the future. It’s a great example of rapid prototyping to be quick to market on a budget.

Since we opted for an off-the shelf checkout process we carefully considered how that would fit with the product’s flow and how we would account for it in future iterations.

For more insights about this project, you can read about our custom session driver - used to limit the lifetime of an abandoned card.

You can check out the site at

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