Specialist Journeys

A small, bespoke Wordpress website

Foundry were approached by Specialist Journeys to design and build a simple custom site for their family of tour operators.

The purpose of the site was to provide some basic information to interested partners and to advertise job opportunities for multiple locations. The site should be simple in design; so as to not clash with the individual branding of each of their offerings, as well as easy for them to edit; as they anticipated regular updates to their career.

Specialist Journeys site design

As they had multiple vacancies they needed filled quickly the design and delivery had to be completed in a very short space of time. We ran them through our client process and got to work on a design. Branding for the company had already been completed by the excellent Kingdom and Sparrow, and so it didn’t take our designers long to craft an understated site around the key elements of their branding. Following a rapid iteration cycle to smooth out the design and administrative interface elements our developers got to work.

Specialist Journeys site admin

This project required very simple content management with a rapid turnaround and so we used the ever popular WordPress platform, and some custom tooling we’ve developed to speed up our development processes. Within two weeks we’d built out the design, refined the administrative interface and deployed the site onto the internet, ready to go! The project turnaround was only three weeks from initial contact to deployment.

If you need a site in double-quick time, our process can get you best-practice, targetted solutions up and running as quickly as a week. Why not contact us to get things moving?